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Caturday! Cat of the Week: Brian

Cherisse Miranda

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It's CATURDAY! Introducing our very first Caturday: Cat of the Week  Brian! Brian is cranky and sassy. He loves judging his family. And hunting hair elastics, so he can drown them in his water dish. He's a sweet boy who loves belly scratches and snacking. Thank you to Ivana M. for sharing her special boy with us. Be sure to check your email for a discount code! Want your kitty featured? Fill out the form and get your kitten it's 15 min of internet fame!

Caturday Cat of the Week!

Cherisse Miranda

Every Saturday we will be featuring one of your cats! Cat of the week will also get a special 20% off coupon to use in the store. Make your submissions here! Lets start with my cat, Hax0r!   Name: Hax0r Age: 9  Breed: Tuxedo Hax0r is one of the chillest cats ever. He likes to play a little rough but he's really mellow in public. He has lived in 3 different countries, clocked about 20 hours of air travel and caught 3 mice!